Episode 241 – Making Impact and Income: Your Guide to Getting Over the Fear of Accepting Money for Services

It is OK to accept payment for helping someone! Let me repeat that, it is more than ok to accept money for providing a service that is helping someone change their life. I know this is a huge struggle for most health and fitness pros because we care more about the impact than the income but the truth is that if you don’t take care of yourself and your family with income then you will not be able to make as much impact because you will be stressed and have a split focus. On todays episode we talk money and impact and how you can follow our five steps to getting rid of the guilt of accepting payment for your service today. We are super excited to share this with you all because we know how much this block can hold you back from reaching your true potential. So grab a pen, paper and get ready to take note so you can finally release this and begin to build the life, health and career you deserve.

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