Episode 234 – The 10 Non “Cookie Cutter” Things You can do in the Fitness & Nutrition Industry

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to starting in the fitness & nutrition industry is that you either have to teach fitness or be a personal trainer. This is so NOT true!  In this episode, the Head Chicks take you through the top 10 “non cookie cutter” things you can do in the industry without stepping foot in a gym or training a client that will not only make more impact & more income but will make sure you are never bored, constantly challenging yourself and helping more clients in the process.  With over 180,000 fitness clubs worldwide and an estimated $84 billion in revenue from memberships alone, it’s safe to say that the fitness industry is booming and it’s only going up from here.  It all depends on how YOU want to approach and the sky is the limit!  For more info on FIT CHICKS Academy & our programs, visit www.fitchicksacademy.com 

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