Episode 235 – Investing vs Spending: The 4 Steps we Use to get Clear on Where we Need to Put Our Resources to Create the Life/Health/Body/ Career Without Guilt or Self Doubt

 As women, many of us have a really hard time investing in our life/body/health/career because we tend to see it A) Spending money and being selfish and B) Have the mindset that if we invest in ourselves, we are taking away resources from other things in our lives  like $$ from our kids or house, taking time away from our family or energy from others. Then the guilt takes over that keeps us feeling stuck and in a life/body/health/career we hate. It is time to stop this cycle but how do you know if the direction you want to head in is a good “investment” or a waste of resources?!  In this episode, the Head Chicks breakdown the difference between investing in YOU & your growth vs spending aka having no return, how to uncover if this is a good investment for you to reach your health & life goals and the 4 Step Clarity Process they use when choosing their next steps without guilt or self doubt standing in their way!  For more info on FIT CHICKS Academy & our programs, visit www.fitchicksacademy.com 

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