Episode 223 – Why We Love a Saturated Market

Episode 223 - Why We Love a Saturated Market

One of the biggest fears we hear from so many entrepreneurs in fitness and health is that they want to help people but they have no idea how to get anybody to listen to them and find them in the online space. They fear they will just get swept in amongst all of the other trainers and health coaches and struggle to find clients. The truth, you will have an issue if you are not clear on this very first step which is all about finding your niche in a saturated market. The first step in building a stand out brand and message is all about figuring out the market you are speaking too. Understanding your niche and discovering your “Blue Ocean” will help you have your dream clients find you, have a brand that speaks directly to them and help you stand out from the sea of other trainers and coaches. Today’s podcast is a special training we did that is all about discovering your niche, understanding why it is so important and learning that a saturated market is actually a great thing!

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