Episode 224 – What is Hiding in Your Face Cream? Exploring the Toxins in Everyday Products with Expert Kristy Braun

As a culture we have become obsessed with thinking about what we are putting in our mouths, how we are working out and what we are doing to our bodies on a regular basis but one area we still tend to look past is what we are using on a day to day basis in our lives that could be causing major health hazards. The day I found out I was pregnant, I became obsessed with this thought. I would research everything and check on EWG site daily any products I was considering buying for myself or the baby. I wanted to live as “clean” as possible for her but little did I know at the time that even those so called clean products are not always what they seem. In today’s interview we dive deep with Kristy Braun to talk all about the top health hazards to watch out for, she shares her thoughts on the industry, the sneaky ways companies are bending the rules and her top 5 must switches. This episode is not to be missed!!

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