Episode 4 – Natural Ways to Balance Strength

Episode 4 - Natural Ways to Balance Strength

Do you really know what stress is doing to your body?  Are you struggling to lose weight, can’t sleep, skin probs, hormone issues or just feel negative all the time?  If you are not taking managing your stress and emotions seriously then you will never be able to reach your health, weight loss or fitness goals.  But guess what, it doesn’t have to be hard – you just have to be addressing your stress in the right ways and it will never be a prob again! In Episode 4, Laura & Amanda give you their top and all natural ways of getting stress out of your life TODAY so you can finally have the space to become the fierce, positive, inspiring chick you are meant to be. To order FIT CHICKS Fierce in 8 DVD Set, visit store.fitchicks.ca.  Get Full Episode Show notes and recap, click here.

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