Episode 361 – How Holistic Nutrition Transformed Her Pregnancy Wellness Business: Interview with HWLE Grad Nicole Plaza

Today, we have a super special interview with Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Grad & founder of the Life Lounge Wellness for pre and post natal women, Nicole Plaza.  After having a huge gap in her weight loss and nutrition coaching that her clients needed, Nicole decided she needed to add this piece to grow her business and get better results for her clients.  Fast forward to now, she has a booming health coaching list online, her confidence is through the roof with the results she is getting and is about to launch the Pregnancy Wellness Academy!

Do you want to get certified as Holistic Nutrition & Health Coach?  The Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert Program is open for enrolment for a limited time ⇒  Learn more at www.fitchicksacademy.com/hwlepage2

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