Episode 35 – Interview with Nia Shanks

Episode 35 - Interview with Nia Shanks

On today’s episode we have a super special guest, the awesome Nia Shanks! Blogger, Trainer, Coach and Host of “The Nia Shanks Show”, Nia amazing contributions to helping men and women love their bodies and find balance has earned her “Top 30 Motivator by Shape.com, one of the “45 of The Smartest Trainers You Might Not Know by LiveStrong.com and The 19 Best Women’s Health Blogs of 2016, Health Line.

In this interview, Nia get both practical and personal as she shares her double progression method that you can use to achieve fierce results with body weight and by using weights as well as opening up about her struggles with body image and acceptance at a young age that inspired her to become a coach as well as how you can take back you power by ditching their “flaw” mentality. For more info on FIT CHICKS, visit www.fitchicks.com. Get Full Episode Show notes and recap, click here.

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