Episode 308 – Body Acceptance vs Body Positivity

Episode 308 - Body Acceptance vs Body Positivity

Recently, we were listening to a podcast with singer Demi Lovato where she was sharing about her past eating disorder and body image struggles which eventually led to her relapse. 

One of the topics dove into was how she practices body ACCEPTANCE – not body positivity which sparked a big conversation on our end about how both these concepts are playing a huge role in how women treat their bodies that we decided to have a live podcast with all of you including What is body acceptance vs body positivity and why it is key to understand the difference, What is the #1 technique to get you and/or your clients to the state of “body neutral”, Why trying to love yourself all the time is setting you up to fail  and What we do in our personal lives to manage our self love (And what we do when we don’t) We highly recommend you check out this podcast if you feel like you struggle with how you feel about your body or have clients who do (which is the majority of women so believe us, you are not alone !)
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