Episode 301 – Revenue Rockstar: Interview with Dougmary Esquijarosa

Episode 301 - Revenue Rockstar: Interview with Dougmary Esquijarosa

Ever wonder what other women are doing differently in the fitness and nutrition industry to have amazing success? Why their programs are filling up and how they are no longer hustling to get clients? Today Fitness and Nutrition Expert graduate Dougmary Esquijarosa pulls back the curtains to share all. Her fears about not making money and starting a business with English as her second language. Her struggles and successes with her in person and online programs. Why her determination and education are essential for her continued success and what she is doing everyday to build her empire and what you need to do today to build yours. So if you are just starting out in business, maybe struggling with your own ideas on how to build your business or even just thinking of getting into this industry this episode is a must. Listen today for her honest and completely unfiltered interview.

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