Episode 286 – Shimmy Your Way To Empowerment: Interview with Jennifer Sobel

Being chicks who are forever curious about fitness, nutrition and wellness, the chances are if you asked us we have tried every fitness class, style, nutrition habit and newest breathing technique out there. Today we are chatting with Jennifer Sobel, belly dancing expert and creator of the belly dance solution. We are chatting all about misconceptions, how belly dancing is portrayed in the media and if that is accurate, the sexualization of belly dancing but more importantly the empowerment that belly dancing can bring to your own inner goddess.She also shares tips of getting started, what she suggests everyone has for their first class and what to look for in a teacher or studio program.We are so excited to share this episode with you and her expertise.Also, remember if you are like us and curious about everything health related as well as love nutrition and wellness check out our programs at www.fitchicksacademy.com for more information to get certified today.

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