Episode 232 – The 4 Ways that Make us Over $5000 a Month as Fitness Instructors Without Having to Work at a Gym

Have you dreamed about getting certified and working as a fitness instructor but hold back starting in the industry because of the belief that you have to work in gym or you can not make a serious income as a fitness instructor or that you will need a TON of clients to even get close to your goal?  Well in this episode, the Head Chicks are taking you behind the scenes to the 4 ways that they used to make over $5000 a month as fitness instructors within months of starting their business with as little as 20 clients all while never stepping foot in a gym, building a health business they absolutely love and growing year over year to help you get clear on what is possible for YOU and get over the fear of taking the leap to becoming a certified fitness & nutrition coach!  For more info on FIT CHICKS Academy & our programs, visit www.fitchicksacademy.com

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