Episode 16 – How To Shift From Fit, Fat and Body Shaming to Become a Self Loving Rockstar!

Body shaming, fat shaming, fit shaming…are you guilty of this to yourself and others?  We have become a world that is overwhelmed with so much influence from outside sources telling us what we need to look like, how to hide “imperfections”, how to appear slimmer, change our appearance and more.  And with social media on the rise, we are more critical of ourselves and others than ever. But it doesn’t have to be that way!  The Head Chicks get down and personal with their experience with body shaming and how to shift your community (and your mind!) to one of self love and body positivity for the long haul!  For more info on FIT CHICKS, visit www.fitchicks.com.  Get Full Episode Show notes and recap, click here.


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