Day 3: GRAD SPOTLIGHT SERIES – Leah Busbridge

Day 3: GRAD SPOTLIGHT SERIES - Leah Busbridge

If you have wondered if you should / could change careers and create a whole new life for yourself, this episode is for you. As a registered nurse for years, Leah decided it was time for a change. Her and her husband decided to make a massive shift and moved form the UK to CAN and also did a complete 360 and changed careers as well. Leah decided it was time to finally focus on the area she knew she was meant for and that was her calling, holistic nutrition and health coaching. In just a short amount of time, Leah was certified and ready to follow her path and launched her company Pho3nixfitness. In today’s Grad Spotlight, Leah shares her passion for health, why she knew she needed to take this leap of faith and how it is going now offering her training programs in her community. She also shares how she was able to make back her tuition in just 2 months and sign her first client a week after graduation. This episode is full of amazing Aha moments and inspo – check it out today.

If you are ready to take that step and create the life, health and career you have dreamed of, enrollment is open right now for the Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Coaching Certification program. Enrollment closes soon as we begin on October 30th – so register today at We cannot wait to welcome you to the academy.

Leah Busbridge is the founder of Pho3nixfitness a health and wellness company that operate in person and online coaching. For more details visit

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