Episode 56 – From Competitions to Moderation 365 an Interview with Jill Coleman

Joining the FIT CHICKS this week is one of our amazing inspirations, national television personality, cover model and founder of  JillFit.com, Jill Coleman! Beginning in fitness competitions & landing several national covers for fitness modelling with her work being featured in SELF magazine, SHAPE, Women’s Health magazine & Prevention magazine, Jill is a fierce, female force in the fitness industry who has used her awesome reach to pave the way to a new approach to moderation and mindset in  body and business.  In this episode, Jill joins the us to share her incredible story from competing and obsession to finding balance in the skin she is in, how to mindset shifting to once and for all let go of obsessive habits in the gym and kitchen and how her Moderation 365 method can finally ditch the diet demons to make a healthy lifestyle stress and shame free 🙂  For more info on FIT CHICKS, visit www.fitchicksacademy.com.  To Get Full Episode Show notes and recap click here.

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