Episode 515 – Top Nutrition Swaps for Weight Loss

Episode 515 - Top Nutrition Swaps for Weight Loss

Making changes to your nutrition can be daunting no matter where you are starting from.  It can be confusing and overwhelming for both coaches and clients as we try to learn the science of nutrition, change our habits and make the change for the long term

In this episode we are diving into nutrition swaps and how to use them as a coaching tool to transform your eating habits or your clients.  We will introduce you to the “Add, swap, replace” method for easy habit change, our favorite top nutrition swaps and how we implement them in our lives and our clients.

As a bonus, you also can download our free Top Nutrition Swaps Guide for Weight Loss when you join Holistic Weight Loss Coach Week Oct 19-22! This is our free virtual event where you will learn the top holistic coaching tools to help your clients to a transformation for good!

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