Episode 489 – The 3 Shifts to Make Holistic Weight Loss Easier

Episode 489 - The 3 Shifts to Make Holistic Weight Loss Easier

Are you tired of complicated diets, workouts or mindset work that promise quick results but leave you or your clients feeling overwhelmed and discouraged – especially when it feels like you have to focus on it ALL at once?

In this episode, we explore three powerful shifts that can make holistic weight loss easier to coach on and your clients to follow. We start by discussing the #1 mistake that coaches and clients make that sabotage their efforts and what to do instead.  

Then we share our 3 step process that we have been teaching since FIT CHICKS began to easily transform your nutrition without feeling like you or your clients have to give up all of your favorite foods.

And finally, we share the most powerful mindset tool to transform your relationship with your body, health, and wellbeing.

Join us on this journey towards holistic weight loss and learn how making small, simple shift can lead to big results for both you and your clients! .#holisticweightloss #simplicity #mindset #gratitudepractice

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