Episode 475 – Falling In Love with The Process

Episode 475 - Falling In Love with The Process

Today we have the absolute pleasure of sharing an interview we held recently with Jaime Filer, a published fitness model, motivational speaker, online mental and physical coach and overall exceptional human. Jaime dives deep in this interview about her journey with self love, understanding the connection of physical and mental health and how fitness can look so different for every person. Finding your path on your own health  journey will be unique to you, but the one thing that will always be true to everyone is we must do this from a place of love. 

Jaime Filer is a published fitness model, motivational speaker, and online mental and physical health coach. She has been a trainer for over 17 years, with over one thousand transformations under her belt. Jaime started the online arm of her business in 2019 after struggling with anxiety and an eating disorder. Now, she helps women overcome overwhelm, decrease anxiety, and increase confidence through fitness. Grab a free copy of “Get Out Of Your Head and Into The Gym” ebook today at https://ebook.jaimefiler.com/free-ebook

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