Episode 465 – Wake Up, Shake Up and Thrive

Episode 465 - Wake Up, Shake Up and Thrive

At the age of 50, deciding to change your life, career and entire path can feel like an impossible task. It can sometimes feel like you are too set in your ways and life to make a change, which is why we are so deeply honored and excited to share our interview with the inspirational Dominique and Ellen, Co-Founders of Wake Up, Shake Up, Thrive! Both of these ladies share how and why they decided to ditch their careers for entrepreneurship after their 50th Birthdays and how you can too! They are also sharing how physical change is just the beginning and what other areas we also need to focus on in order to make lasting change for life. So get ready to take notes and wake up and shake up your life so you can thrive today at any age or any stage.

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