Episode 372 – Creating an Inclusive Business : Interview with Sonia Thompson

Episode 372 - Creating an Inclusive Business : Interview with Sonia Thompson

We are so deeply honored to share this interview with you all today with leading expert on creating inclusive environments, Sonia Thompson. Sonia is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to creating an environment that provides clients and employees with an experience that feels connected beyond a superficial level. In this interview she shares what it means to create inclusiveness, why every human needs to have clarity around this and how we can follow her step by step plan to create this environment now. We love this conversation and appreciate Sonia sharing this with us all.

Sonia Thompson is a customer experience strategist & consultant, and CEO of Thompson Media Group, where she helps companies deliver inclusive and remarkable customer experiences that win customers. She also writes weekly columns for both Forbes and Inc. where she covers how belonging, inclusive marketing and remarkable customer experiences fuel growth and customer loyalty. 

To learn more about Sonia Thompson and her amazing work please visit https://www.soniaethompson.com/

If you are ready to stop fumbling over diversity, inclusion and belonging in your business you need to learn more about Belonging University here: www.belonginguniversity.com

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