Episode 348 – The New Face of a Fitness Coach

Episode 348 - The New Face of a Fitness Coach

Right now when you google a “fitness or health coach” all that comes up are pics of women of the same age, race, size with a 6 pack wearing crop tops and rocking a thigh gap. No wonder women are terrified to get started in the fitness industry!  All this is doing is alienating people who can change the entire health of this world by promoting a one size fits all way of doing this…and we have to STOP this. In this episode of FIT CHICKS Chat and our Chick Power series we are breaking down the changes that need to be made in this fitness & health coaching industry to create an inclusive environment that not only empowers more females to become coaches of ALL shapes, sizes, ages and stages and how you can be part of this much needed solution to build healthier communities and inspire fitness for more than just “six pack abs” around the world.

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