Episode 256 – The Power Essential Oils to Transform Your Health: Interview with Holistic Wellness Coach Brittany McDonald

Have you ever wanted to use essential oils but feel intimidated and have no idea where to start?  From your personal care products to your home to increasing your energy & mood, essential oils can be used in so many ways to reduce your toxic load and support a healthy body and mind.  On today’s episode, we have an awesome interview with essential oil expert and manager of a multi million dollar wellness team (and FIT CHICKS Academy Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert Grads!)Brittany MacDonald to share how she began her journey with essential oils after how they helped with her son’s health issues, how to use oils to support your health and goals plus  the Top 5 ways for you can easily incorporate oils in your life without breaking the bank. For more info on our upcoming Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert Certification at www.fitchicksacademy.com/hwlebrochure

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