Episode 178 – Time To Start Playing Big for 2019!

Episode 178 - Time To Start Playing Big for 2019!

Every year when the new year rolls around people are so focused on getting it “right” and setting resolutions to get set for success. Sadly the stats show that about 80% of people let go of those resolutions before they reach Feb! So what if we switched gears and instead of focusing on it as a resolution we looked at what we truly want for our life vs a short term one off goal. What if we started to think about all of our true potential we are keeping under wraps and started to explore our curiosity, our interests and desires in a deeper way. This podcast is all about this and about how you can today start to live your full potential and not have to wait for another year to pass and start again to finally live. For more info on FIT CHICKS, visit www.fitchicksacademy.com To get full episode show notes and recap click here.

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