Episode 134 – How to Eat for a Summer Slimdown

Episode 134 - How to Eat for a Summer Slimdown

Summer is around the corner and while many think this is the time that this is the time where it is easier than you think to getting your nutrition in check for a summer slimdown

In this episode, Founders of FIT CHICKS Academy Laura & Amanda are taking you through the 4 step process to transform your plate and your mindset that you can use at every event, vacation and just in your daily routine to help you reach your goals without getting obsessed or give up your summer fun..  These simple shifts that the Head Chicks use in their own nutrition and with clients that will give you the tools to becoming a lean, mean healthy machine this summer!  For more info on FIT CHICKS, visit www.fitchicksacademy.com To get full episode show notes and recap click here

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