Episode 10 – Breaking The Diet Cycle With Body Image Coach, Summer Innanen

In this weeks episode, we have an amazing guest interview with one of our serious girl crushes and leaders in the body positivity movement, the incredible Summer Innanen. Summer is a Body Image Coach, host of the fierce podcast “Fearless Rebelle Radio”, best selling author and above all, her life’s work is dedicated to giving women the tools and power to break the diet cycle and practice self love and acceptance to live their best lives. We are covering A LOT of ground in this episode. From Summers personal journey to stopping body shaming, her top strategies to help you learn to love your body exactly where you are right now and feel a rockstar in your skin to her thoughts on the industry and top resources to help you make the mindset shift to self love. For anyone who is struggling with their body image or breaking the diet cycle, this is a MUST listen. For more info on Laura, Amanda & FIT CHICKS, visit www.fitchicks.com. Get Full Episode Show notes and recap, visit www.fitchicks.ca/category/podcast/

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