Day 6: GRAD SPOTLIGHT SERIES – Cathy Bjorndalen

Day 6: GRAD SPOTLIGHT SERIES - Cathy Bjorndalen

Oftentimes in life we reach a point where we think, ok what’s next? Maybe the kids are grown and moved out or a little more independent. Maybe we are thinking about the next steps in life like a career change, a retirement plan or even just a full on 360 to switch gears. Cathy Bjorndalen, a graduate of the Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Coaching program, was going through those exact same steps prior to starting her new ventures. Cathy was someone who had been in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years but was looking at what’s next for her and her clients. How could she evolve and grow and continue to create new opportunities for herself and clients to work together, grow together and transform together. After graduating from the academy, Cathy truly felt that she now had all of the pieces in place to offer the full puzzle to her clients. Listen in today to our Grad Spotlight to hear more about the steps Cathy has taken since graduating, why her gym has picked up her programming to offer in the studio, what has truly helped her to transform her business and her clients success and her biggest aha moment as a coach.

Ready to get started on your own transformation? Enrollment is closing soon for the Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Coaching program. With classes starting on October 30th the time is now to enroll at We truly cannot wait to walk this path with you.

Cathy Bjorndalen is the founder of Bloom Fitness – Holistic Nutrition Services and in person and online fitness classes. For more information on Cathy and to follow her for more inspo please check her out at @cathybloomfitness

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