Outstanding Agreement Meaning

Property that has been mortgaged by a right of pledge or mortgage, which ensures that the creditor is paid in case of delay. Security promises to pay more than one personal obligation. 2. A share or loan that means that the borrower (the company) owes a certain amount of money to the bearer of shares or bonds. 3. Measures to protect people from attacks, theft, risks, etc. Deposit: the money paid to a landlord at the beginning of a lease to ensure that the tenant complies with the terms of the lease. The money is held in trust by the landlord and can be used to cover costs resulting from a breach of the rental terms by the tenant, including damage to the property. In the absence of such violations, the money is refunded to the tenant at the end of the rental period. Segregation: The act of separation, such as.B.

The separation of races in a school. Racial segregation in all public places is illegal in the United States and is contrary to federal law. Seizure: to take possession by force of a thing; arrest a prisoner and detain him. Seller`s offer: Prior correspondence, offer, offer or general advertising on which the buyer relied or accepted. Senate: The superior chamber of the United States Congress, consisting of two selected representatives from each state. There are currently about a hundred senators. Senator: A member of the U.S. Senate or a state Senate.

There are two senators who are elected to the U.S. Senate of each state. States each have their own rules for the election of senators. U.S. senators serve for a six-year term. Separate maintenance: money paid by a married person for the subsistence of a spouse from whom one is separated. . .