Nationwide Online Agreement In Principle

Once you have a DIP and have accepted an offer for real estate, you can complete your complete mortgage application. At this point, you choose a mortgage, indicate how to pay the product fees incurred and let us know your deposit source. If you`d like to get an idea of our mortgage offerings before applying, check out our mortgage interest rates to see the features and fees of mortgage products. You can apply at the branch or by phone with advice or online without advice. A real estate agent may ask to see your DIP before letting you see a property. You can then download your DIP certificate from our online application portal to share it. Just so you know that you will first receive a decision in principle (DIP) when applying for a mortgage. This allows real estate agents to know that you have in principle a secured loan when positioning offers on real estate. A DIP certificate is a free and non-binding confirmation if we are willing to lend you something. You can get a DIP before making an offer for a property, and you can apply for it online, even if you want to continue your application by phone or in the store. A DIP includes a flexible credit check and has no influence on your creditworthiness. If you want advice when selecting your next mortgage, you can apply by phone or in the store. If you are comfortable with choosing a mortgage without advice, you can apply online.

If you want to opt for a mortgage without our advice, you can apply online at your own pace. You need to understand that you are responsible for the mortgage you have chosen. You do not receive any advice from us, so you are not protected if you later decide that the mortgage you chose was not appropriate. If you apply online, you can email or mail your documents or take them to your local institution. While we need to protect each other by staying at home, we cannot accept applications in the store. Please call us to apply if you need any advice. Or, if you want to apply without advice, you can apply online. If you know the postal code, you can use the “Which region?” finder in our price index calculator.

If you do not know the postal code, please read this map which describes all regions of the country. If you want to choose your own offer, you can apply online. This is only so that you know that if you decide to apply online without consultation, you must make your own choice as to which mortgage fits your needs and you will not enjoy the protection of having a suitable product that is recommended to you. The Financial Conduct Authority has rules to ensure that we recommend a suitable product for you, choosing your own company means that you do not benefit from these rules and you can choose a product that is less suited to your needs. At the end of your PID application, we should be able to tell you immediately whether we can in principle lend you the amount you need. If you apply online, we may need to call you for additional information. If you don`t want advice or help with your application, make sure you`re prepared to take on the responsibility of choosing a mortgage that`s right for your situation.. . .