Tideway Interface Agreement

The license contains the main tasks, other commitments and building blocks of Tideway`s revenues before 2030. For more information on our license and other regulatory documents, click here. The government support program consists of the following documents: supplemental compensation Agreement, Contingent Equity Support Agreement, Market Disruption Facility Agreement, Special Administration Offer Agreement, Abbruch agreement und der Direktvereinbarung der Aktion-re. For more information about the Government Support package, visit the document library under the license bonus documents. These agreements are essential for Tideway`s risk profile to be similar to that of a British regulated water company. The commercial relationship with the three consortiums, which will supply most of the tunnel, will be managed by NEC3 contracts. Finally, an alliance was reached between Tideway, the three main contractors, the system integrator and Thames Water, with the aim of ensuring cooperation between all supplier operators. This relationship is governed by the Covenant Treaty. Due to the nature of the Thames Tideway Tunnel, Thames Water will be an important delivery partner for Tideway. The allocation of work between Tideway and Thames Water during construction and operation periods is subject to the interface agreement or the operating and maintenance contract.dem. In addition, as part of the Revenue Agreement, Thames Water will collect from its wastewater customers the revenues to which Tideway is entitled under its licence. The PMC contract defines the business relationship between Tideway as a client and CH2M as a project manager.

Tideway has obtained a comprehensive set of insurance policies in accordance with best practices in the market. In addition, Tideway has obtained a set of conditional supports from DEFRA, which acts as an insurer of last resort for extreme risks that cannot be effectively insured by the insurance market (see state aid package).