Supplement Distribution Agreement

“In cases where a distributor enters into contracts with a manufacturer for the manufacture of a food supplement that the distributor markets under its own label, the distributor is required to know what the manufacturing activities are doing and how, so that the distributor can decide whether the packaged and labelled product meets the defined specifications and whether the product must be approved and licensed for distribution.” 12.13 Const parties. This agreement can be executed in return, each considered original, but all considered together as the same agreement. A signed copy of this agreement, which is delivered by fax, e-mail or other electronic transmission, is considered legally valid, such as the delivery of an original signed copy of this contract. A complementary brand must develop a compliance plan and strategy to ensure that a contract manufacturer complies with the PMPC. The typical industry approach was a written plan or standard operating procedure (SOP) for the qualification of contract manufacturers. This plan generally included the use of a quality questionnaire, followed by an on-site audit, to observe and document how products are manufactured, controlled and tested. Certainly, these activities must continue. However, it is important to think about the following, as a company develops its own plan: 2.2 Independent Contractor Status. The relationship between the supplier and the dealer is exclusively that of the seller and the Vendée.

Nothing in this agreement creates an agency, joint venture, partnership or any other form of joint venture, employment or trust relationship between the contracting parties or an employee-employer relationship. The reseller is an independent contractor under this agreement. Neither party has an explicit or implied right or power to assume or create obligations in the name or on behalf of the other party, or the other party`s commitment to a contract, agreement or business with third parties. Rapid Nutrition is a natural health company that focuses on the research, development and production of a number of life sciences products.