Agreement Provided For Means

You can drive a car if you have a valid driver`s license. 3) Here is a rather complex example of “suppose that” as a qualification. Similarly, this use will probably only appear in legal writing. The term “provided” has many possible meanings that can lead to ambiguity if not used properly. So, what kind of plan is on display in Jacobsen? I agree with the federal circuit that it is better to read it as a condition. This is because there is nothing in the language in question that indicates that, in this context, something other than its importance in daily use must be transmitted. The term “providing that” is sometimes used as an alternative to “suppose that.” Both mean the same thing and both are fair, but “provided that this” is the most popular alternative. Here, the term “provided” can be replaced with “if” or “on the condition that.” The second meaning of “provided” refers to an exception to a main rule. The use of an employment contract can be illustrated by the “Place of Work” clause below. The trial found that this language did not limit the granting of the licence. The federal circuit objected and insisted that the terms of the language were indicated for the effectiveness of the licence. It noted that the license “uses the traditional language of the terms of the terms by stating that copy, modification and distribution rights are granted, “provided the conditions are met,” and it was also stated that “under California contract law, if this generally involves a condition.” In MSCD 12.279, I found that setting up a conjunction, that is, whether, or on the condition that – “I let you go to the party, provided you take a taxi home.” This is the daily use provided and provided that.

To define the agreement? Many authors define the concept of this agreement (or, if necessary, this act, amendment, etc.) in the introductory clause. The definition of the concept as such is not necessary: the simple article used in this agreement (used throughout the document) indicates the need for a defined term, because to which other agreement would it be referred? All of the above observations apply to the features, provided the comments on the expropriation decision do not apply, as there was no equivalent for the properties.