Ltspice License Agreement

ARTICLE 3 – PROHIBITED ACTS – Acts such as the sale, loan, rebroadcasting and licensing of a version of SPICE MODEL, fully or partially modified by the customer to third parties, are prohibited. It is forbidden to produce copies of a version of SPICE MODEL fully or partially modified by the customer. Customers who use SPICE MODEL download SPICE MODEL directly. Terms, Termination/Cancellation: ADI may terminate this license if you do not comply with one of the terms of this Agreement. Software License: Subject to the terms of this Agreement, you will benefit from a non-exclusive, non-sub-conceded, non-transferable, limited license for the installation and/or use of this serialized copy of the copyrighted DJA ARTICLE 5 – TERM OF AGREEMENT software. ARTICLE 2 – ACCORD MODEL APPLICATION CHAMP -SPICE can be modified to allow its use with certain applications; However, all rights to the modified model and all derivatives are reset to Torex. The customer obtains a license for the use of SPICE MODEL provided that the customer meets the terms of this contract. The following example shows the contents of a small file of LTspice diagrams for a simple RC circuit with four switching symbols: V1 is source of 10-volt DC voltage, R1 is a 1K Ohm resistance, C1 is capacitor 1 uF, mass. The three lines of the text below are: 1) a transient simulation directive with a downtime setting of 10 ms (.tran 10mS), 2) a SPICE directive to regulate a text commentary (title) of the initial condition of RC “out” net to zero volt (.ic v (OUT-0V) and 3). In LTspice, each suffix (left column) can replace the decimal point of a real number, a common format for printed diagrams. [26] [17] For example, 4K7 means 4700, 1u8 for 0.0000018.

This licensing agreement (`agreement`) for the use of SPICE MODEL is concluded and concluded by the Client and Torex Semiconductor, Ltd.