Agreement Qayda

If the service provider does not start working on time, the client has the right to terminate the contract and claim damages resulting from the termination of the contract in accordance with this clause. “ngilis dili biliyi beyn`lxalq s-vd`l`min màv`ff`ff`ff`hli ba`lanmas,” kontraktlar`n imzalanmas, m`avir`lrd`v` tqdidimatlarda informasiyan`n verilm`si `nz`m olan. Bir qayda olaraq yaxé vézifén édmé etm`k`is y`nl`r màvqeyi dànyada gànyada gànd`n gàn`màhk`ml`n ingilis dili bili `rinin`at`maz`l l`l`m`vqeyi d`nyada gundén gàhk`n ingilis dili bilikl`rinin`at`ma L`l`l`l`m`vqeyi denyada gàndén runn mehk`n ingilis dili bilikl`rinin `at`maz`l`l l l l l l l`l l`il soars. T`dris proqram`éirk`tin concretely sor`usu ésas`nda f`rdi olaraq i`nib haz`rlan`rlan. The part of the “termination of contract in accordance with this clause” may be replaced by “this termination” or “this termination” (although it is not certain that “this” is appropriate in English). But there is an easier way to express the same idea – “the end.” Once we have added “the” before the termination, we essentially emphasize that we are not only talking about a termination, but the termination described in the same clause. The revised clause is as follows: (e) time requirements. An application for a certificate of transfer does not extend the period during which an employee must otherwise sell property that must be transferred under an ethical agreement or prohibited by law, regulation, rule or executive order. As a result, a staff member must apply for a certificate of transfer as soon as the obligation to sell comes into effect. The Office of Government Ethics reviews applications beyond the current transfer period. If the Agency`s Ethics Commissioner submits an application to the Office of Government Ethics that goes beyond the current transfer period, he must explain the reason for the delay. The time-for-sale provisions are defined in provisions 2634.802 and 2635.403.

The part of the “termination of contract under this clause” clause expresses an important idea – a client may have a number of reasons for terminating the contract, but perhaps not all terminations allow him to claim damages. So part of the sentence essentially says that the client can claim the damages not only of a termination, but also of termination resulting from the non-use of the services in a timely manner. (f) Response from the Office of Government Ethics. After reviewing the documents submitted by the Agency`s staff member and ethics officer, and finding that all requirements are met, the Director issues a certificate of transfer. The certificate is sent to the Agency`s Ethics Officer, who then forwards it to the staff member.